12-1 PM @ Temple Beth-El (70 Orchard Ave, Providence)

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

“The Music of Silent Films” with Piano Demonstration

Dana Gooley, Professor of Music, Brown University

Before films had soundtracks, silent films were normally accompanied by live music on the piano or organ. But how did film accompanists learn their trade? What kinds of music did they employ, and what conventions did they follow for underscoring the film narrative? Professor Gooley discusses the history of silent film accompaniment and demonstrates the practice at the piano, playing along with clips from films by Buster Keaton.

Dana Gooley is a musicologist and Professor of Music at Brown University, where he teaches courses in jazz, music history, improvisation, and European cultural history. He is the author of The Virtuoso Liszt (2004) and Fantasies of Improvisation: Free Playing in Nineteenth Century Music (2018). An improvising pianist, he runs the Sunday evening jam session at Boston’s historic jazz club Wally’s Cafe in Boston.


*Please keep in mind the Temple’s kosher dietary restrictions: No pork or shellfish products (fish with fins and scales are permitted); meat and cheese should not be together in a meal.